The Helsinki Sunshaft Stone features three light shafts cut into the same stone. These subtracted volumes diverge from a single origin, detailing the striking difference in solar position at different times of year. The interior space described by these passages was architectural in nature; a transient space occupied by light. The desire to explore the nuances of sculpting the entire form within resulted in the Interiors series (2009).

From all sides, perforations open the interior of a solid block of stone. The resulting thresholds seem to unfold outward, inviting exploration. The sharp collisions of interior surfaces glow with subtle translucency. This expansive lightness, now contained, imbues a feeling of being within the stone, as both viewer and participant.
Standing Interiors (2015) elucidated more complex apertures. They are a synthesis of the

Standing Stones and Interiors series that use subtle perspective lines carved into

stone to draw the eye into the aperture. As a natural progression from this series, Perspectives (2015) take different approaches, doing more to draw the eye through the aperture by off-setting the symmetry of the stone.
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